Ways the Italian Influenced the American Food

We all may be familiar with the countless of Italian immigrants in the American History and left a great influence on the American culture – especially in what we eat! Here are some ways the Italian have left touches of their culture in out American food!

Famous PIZZA

pizza on table with slicedpizza and tong

You might have guessed this to be in the top of our list. Pizza was simply a pita bread with tomato sauce. It upgraded somewhere in Manhattan, coal-fired and eventually became a communal celebration food. Now, pizza is one of the most famous and favorites all around the globe! And there are a LOT of different variations available, also already with some touches of other countries


pizza with mozarella

Who doesn’t love this gooey piece of heaven?! The mozzarella was made with buffalo’s milk, but due to it being so pricey, housewives tried using cow’s milk which turned out to be really good, too! The Italians did some twists with their mozzarella – putting them on their sandwiches, bakes pasta and eventually in other meals, which really compliments with the cheese. You will find now that Mozzarella is present in a  LOT of various different meals.



This deep-fried famous bar snack arrived from Southern Italy. It isn’t just famous here in the USA, but all over the world!


baked clams on plate

Italians cooked clams a different way. They taught us how to make Baked Clams! Instead of the mainstream clams as toppings for spaghetti and other main dishes – oven gave way for the Italians to discover baking clams with flavored bread stuffings


meatballs on a plate

This delicious, geometric shaped meat came from Italian Housewives. Since Italians love pork, and find this their main source of meat. Never have they thought this would be a big hit especially here in the USA where spaghetti and meatballs are overly famous and enjoyed by a lot of people.

Italians really did contribute a lot of tasty, and unique touches in the American Cuisine that we will forever be thankful for!