Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal INSTANTLY

First Impressions do last! Good thing, opting for an attractive curb doesn’t have to be pricey! Make people stop and stare at the beauty of your home and be proud of it! Here are some easy ways to improve your curb appeal instantly.

Start with Painting the Front Door


Your front door is what firstly welcomes guest and where they fixate their eyes on. Choose bold colors for your door – but be sure it compliments the color of your entire home. Painting your front door can add brightness and revive the look of your home instantly.

TIP: Before you start painting your door, be sure to prepare its surface properly so the paint would last many years!

High-Pressure Wash the Driveway

The driveway accumulates a lot of dirt and debris. It is also exposed to different weathers and can accumulate moss. Over time, the driveway may change color due to its exposure. Using a HIgh-Pressure Washer to wash off all the moss, dust, and debris can instantly make your curb look clean.

Shiny House Numbers

Get rid of that dirty and faded house number. You can restore it or install a new one – just keep in mind the theme of your home. Choose number fonts that would compliment the whole house – should it be modern, traditional, country, or transitional. You can also add some light fixtures near your house number for added appeal.

Add Some Touches  of Nature

Plants and flowers can never go wrong no matter the theme of your home. Although, it is better to use REAL plants and never the artificial ones. These plants have the power to add some color to your curb and liven it up. Make your curb look lovely, refreshing, and inviting with touches of nature.

Light up With Exterior Lighting

Not just will it add lighting and ambiance in your entryway, it will also keep your home safer. Adding light fixtures can allow highlights on parts you want to show. Again, be sure to install lights that compliment the design of your home and would give the right ambiance to your home’s look.