Horse Riding Holidays in Tuscany La Fiaba

Horse Riding at 'La Fiaba'

The Fairy Tale Horse Riding Holiday in Tuscany

If you are looking for a horse riding holiday in Tuscany, that your whole family can enjoy, look no further than 'La Fiaba'. La Fiaba means 'fairy tale' in Italian, and here you will find your fairy tale Tuscany horse riding adventure! Here you can ride out across the stunningly picturesque Tuscan scenery from one beautiful hill town to the next on our well mannered horses, taste the wines and oils that this region is renowned for and relax at the end of a fairy tale day having lived your dream of horseback riding in Tuscany.

We have designed our trail riding with passionate horse people in mind. Our horse riding adventures are perfect for those who's joy in life comes from spending time with these magnificent animals, surrounded by nature and in the company of a small group of like minded others. Full days in the saddle, exploring woods, cantering through vineyards, ducking through olive groves, spotting wild boar, hare, pheasant and deer, and every moment being complete simply because you are sharing it with the most wonderful of all creatures - The Horse.

Our horse riding trails can be individually tailored to your wishes and we cater for all ages and abilities, from pony rides for tiny tots, to a full day exploring Tuscany with a good gallop for the experienced horse rider. We have many different trail rides to choose from, so whether you want to come for a short ride out through the Tuscan hills, or you wish to stay for a week long holiday; you're sure to find your fairy tale horse riding adventure in Tuscany here, at La Fiaba.

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